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Friday, 7 January 2011

A New Year and a new beginning.

So much has happened in our learning in the last few weeks. It seems crass to try and summarise but I will say we were not happy, and had really lost the joy of learning. So retreat, re-group and re-design have been the watch words of the season.

And the new tag if one can be added is Montessori. We followed so much of Maria Montessoris ideas when the children were young, then we discovered the outdoors and fell into a Waldorf way of living and learning  and now it feels like a natural transition to return to this scheme and model for our more formal learning. I shall miss the Gnomes and the tales but am so very excited to be moving forward again.

Watch this space.

Until then I have to recommend a link to an excellent site that has helped me understand and  prepare. There is so much here for Kindergarten and beyond.
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