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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easter Activities

The Wheel of the Year is turning so quickly, Easter is upon us and off we go.
The Farmyard is showing lots of signs of life including the chickens and birds who keep on laying eggs. We try to keep the focus of the week away from the chocolate and onto the real eggs all around us.

Communication Language and Literacy: Our Focus books
Owl by DK
See how I grow: Chick DK  In years gone by we have had actually Eggs hatching and Chicks growing in our Playroom. Lots of interest and excitement ( as well as risk assessments!) But ths year we will just enjoy or own Pixies Den Chickens in the yard.
If I were the Easter Bunny by  Louise Gardner
and the Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter all because of this

Easter Counting Cards from here 
Colour sorting eggs as here
and a set of  home made number eggs, cut from card and Number added for number sequencing and matching activities.
Also a nice ICT activity here

Felt eggs with sticky shapes on them to take home.